Parts & Service Team

Our Service & Parts Department Team is complimented with Marine Certified Technicians, Service Coordinator and Parts manager where all provide a professional service in a timely manner.

Our modern 7 bay bay area is supported with the necessary equipment and specialty tools required to service all products we sell and most others on the market today. 

The Parts Department is fully stocked with serviceable items and OEM parts for products we sell and others on the market today. (Specialty parts can be ordered and mostly are shipped to us the next day after ordering.)

Parts: Service appointments and parts information is provided through our Service / Parts department.

Please call our Service & Parts department directly @ 250-491-2023 for your service and part requirements.

Winterization and Storage Packages

Please call 250 491 2023 for pricing and packages available. 

Detailing Service

If you require your boat to be cleaned, waxed, power polished, decals replaced, gel coat/fiberglass repairs (large and small), please call our Service Department @ 250-491-2023 for a quotation.

Atlantis Marine has a full compliment of qualified detailers, and Professional Contractors to get your boat into pristine condition.